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in developing impactful software solutions that foster business expansion, drive digital transformation,
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About Us

Obunnovation is a full-cycle software development and Renewable company with a strong focus on emerging technology like Mobile App development,Big Data, IoT, AI, Solar Energy Equipment installations and Repairs.

With innovation in our mind for your business. Obunnovation service portfolio includes.

Strategic IT consulting

We are focused on developing innovative technology solutions to boost productivity for long-term for your business and organisation and sustainable growth

Team extension

We have a team of talented skilled individuals you can work with to bring your dream to life.

Bespoke product and app engineering

Custom-made software that will be adjusted to fit your business model, The features of the product are tailored-made, meaning that you will use 100% of them.Website or app perfectly to meet Your expectations and demands

Core benefits your business gets

One-stop software development service across a broad range of technologies.

Decreased software development and maintenance expenses.

Internal resources concentrate on core business activities to achieve maximum value.

Un-interuptible Power Supply


Inverter installations and Repairs, Mobile development, Web Apps, Collabration tools.

Mobile development

We develop world class mobile Apps for business,organisation and individuals

Web site/Web App

We develop coroperate site and Bespoke web app for business

Collabration and mailing tools

We have Collabration tool that will help organsations and businesses work together

IT Support

We have a team of experince IT professional that help business on IT support

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